The Increasing Demand for Flexibility


Automotive and transportation industries have been navigating microchip shortages, delays in vehicle production, employee shortages, and so much more. Because of these delays and challenges, the increasing demand for flexibility in fleet maintenance programs has never been higher.

One of the challenges brought by a vehicle shortage is the pressure to maintain assets for as long as possible. Fleets that are unable to purchase new vehicles to replace damaged or failing vehicles now must keep those assets in rotation. Additionally, fleets already stretched too thin cannot purchase new vehicles and must stretch their current assets to maximum capacity.

Maintaining assets rather than replacing them can introduce a variety of challenges, including expensive repairs, longer downtime, lack of service availability, and a shortage of available technicians.

So, what are the options?
Partner with a fleet maintenance provider that offers flexibility. 

A flexible maintenance program should include:

  • Diverse service solutions like Mobile Service Centers, On-Site Workforce, Fleet Service Centers, and Electric Vehicle Care.
  • Ability for managers, drivers, and technicians to schedule maintenance through an online portal, eliminating wait times and scheduling conflicts.
  • Customized maintenance and repair programs that are designed to fit your needs, schedule, location, and fleet.
  • Responsive, professional, and reliable partner in planning, maintenance, and repairs.

Amerit partners with some of the largest fleets across the country, and in these partnerships, we’ve learned the value of flexibility. We know that every moment your assets are down, you’re losing revenue, we also recognize that your fleet requires fast, flexible and responsive services to get the very best performance from your vehicles, and maximize uptime.

If you need to get more out of an aging fleet, it’s time to ask yourself a very important question: Is your fleet working around a maintenance provider, or is your maintenance provider working around your fleet?

If you’re working around a provider, it’ time to make a change. Flexible maintenance solutions work, and Amerit proudly offers custom built, flexible fleet maintenance and repair service programs nationwide.

Speak with a member of our team today by requesting a quote, or visit our website to learn more.


At Amerit, we have built our reputation of being the country’s most dependable, trustworthy, and hard-working partner through our singular focus on doing one thing, Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services. Our renowned responsiveness, reliability, professionalism, and customized service programs are based in our core values of partnership and integrity, coupled with our unrelenting drive to do whatever it takes to keep our clients’ fleets rolling.


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