Flytrex Provides Drones for Grocery Delivery in Iceland

A Flytrex drone

Goods are literally flying off the shelves today in Iceland as online retailer Aha launches what it calls the world’s first autonomous drone delivery system in an urban setting.

“We’re making delivery as instant as ordering,” said Yariv Bash, CEO and co-founder of Flytrex, an Israeli startup that is providing the unmanned aerial delivery system for Aha, a delivery service for restaurants, retail and grocery stores in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Flytrex and Aha received approval from the Icelandic Transport Authority to use drones to deliver food and consumer products from shops and restaurants on one side of Reykjavik to a designated point across the city and across a large body of water, avoiding a more circuitous road route and saving a 20-minute drive during peak hours.

After a trial period, company officials say they intend to deliver packages along multiple routes directly to consumers’ backyards.

Aha CEO Maron Kristofersson said he expects to see an increase in online delivery orders once customers experience the faster delivery times. “We hope to partner with Flytrex not only in Iceland but also as part of our marketplace solution overseas,” Kristofersson said.

Aha has been in business for six years and maintains an e-commerce platform in Iceland for more than 100 companies.