Entry-Level Driver Training Rule Goes Into Effect

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

An entry-level driver training rule for truck drivers went into effect June 5 after it had been delayed multiple times.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration noted the effective date in the Federal Register.

The Dec. 8 final rule was due scheduled to take effect Feb. 6. It then was delayed to March 21 and again until May 22.

The delays were “necessary to provide the opportunity for further review and consideration of this new regulation,” FMCSA explained.

The three-year phase-in period for the entry-level driver training rule affords states time to modify their information systems to begin recording the training provider’s certification information into the Commercial Driver Licensing Information System and onto the driver’s CDL record.

It also provides time for the commercial motor vehicle driver training industry to develop and begin offering training programs that meet the requirements for listing on the training provider registry, according to FMCSA.

The delays, however, took time from states needing to comply with the rule, Don Lefeve, president of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, a group that represents truck driving schools, told Transport Topics this year.