ENow Shows 53-Foot Trailer With Solar-Based Refrigeration

eNow refrigerated trailer

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Solar technology provider eNow unveiled a 53-foot refrigerated trailer with solar panels mounted on its roof, calling it the first such all-electric solar-based refrigeration system to be deployed.


eNow's all-electric reefer trailer solar battery charger. (eNow photo)

It exhibited the trailer at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo April 30-May 4.

“This is a defining moment in clean transportation and a huge technological hurdle,” Jeff Flath, CEO of eNow, said in a statement. “Over the last six years, we have demonstrated that our solar systems are powerful, reliable and highly cost-effective, providing emissions-free energy for thousands of trucks across the country.”

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Warwick, R.I.-based eNow referred to the trailer as both an economic and environmental story.

Its test results indicated 75% lower maintenance compared with a diesel-fueled unit, 86%-98% fewer emissions, no smoke or noise, two more years of asset life compared with diesel systems, and a two-year return on investment. The synergy between solar-electric reefer trailers and electric tractors is clear, according to the company.