Eno Unveils State Transportation Ballot Measures Database


Taxpayers and transportation stakeholders have a new online tool at their disposal for researching state ballot measures pertaining to transportation investments.

The Eno Center for Transportation this week unveiled a database on their website outlining proposals voters can expect to see on their state ballots on Election Day. The proposals range from a $54 billion in Seattle for public transit opportunities to $12 billion for transit and infrastructure projects in Broward County, Fla.

“While the nearly quarter-trillion in transportation dollars presented to voters will certainly get its share of attention, it’s not just about raising money. Alabamans will choose whether to establish special districts to manage toll roads. Virginia Beach is asking the public whether it should be allowed to extend the region’s light rail lines to the city,” said Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes said.

“Voters in Spokane may decide whether to ban coal trains from passing through the city. The results may mean a future of more citizen involvement in the important transportation decisions that shape their communities,” Puentes added.

The transportation think tank is complementing the database with analysis.