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Drov, Stoughton Partner on Smart Trailer Applications

Drov CEO Lisa Mullen speaks at the event. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

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CLEVELAND — Drov Technologies announced its AirBox One smart trailer platform of sensors and data collection features is now an option at Stoughton Trailers.

Both wired and wireless systems can be used to share operational and safety information related to the trailer with the fleet and driver, according to the Oklahoma City-based privately held company.

“More and more, as we talk to our customers they are thinking about how do they solve their customers’ problems,” said Stoughton Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Sanders.

He called that “user-driven problem solving.”

He suggested the technological approach with partner Drov “could transform this industry. And we are super appreciative and proud to be part of that.”


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The relationship with Drov is not an exclusive one, Stoughton noted; the technology developer has similar arrangements with Kentucky Trailer, Great Dane and Hyundai Translead.

The latest innovation for its trailers comes as Stoughton this year celebrates its 60th anniversary.

The companies made the announcement at American Trucking Associations’ 2021 Technology & Maintenance Council Fall Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition.

Drov CEO Lisa Mullen said for the last four years Drov, as an aggregator, has been “building out what we consider to be the most comprehensive solution for the trailer market.”

Among the technologies and data in its AirBox One platform, according to the company, are:

  • A vehicle health display at the front of the trailer that also lists nearby service networks, and whose information on the status can be delivered to a smartphone, too.
  • GPS.
  • Vehicle speed and accelerometer.
  • Inside trailer temperature.
  • Wheel end monitoring.
  • Automated tire inflation and deflation done electronically.
  • Weight sensors at the axles.
  • Brake monitoring and reading ABS faults.
  • Light out detection.
  • Door position sensor.

In field testing are a rearview camera and backup sensors, as mentioned on a slide used in the presentation.

Alerts, along with real-time information on trailer status, location and more are transmitted with secure Cloud communications to authorized Drov web-based mobile or desktop users and provided to fleets via an available software API.

In addition to AirBox One, Drov offers a Drov SI (standard inflation) product — both are available through trailer manufacturers and the aftermarket.

The company said the cost of the system depends on the features selected, and ranges from $2,000 to $4,500 with the return on investment between 12 and 18 months. — Roger Gilroy

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