Driver Training Documentation for Litigation


Your attorney called – he needs to know when, where and how you trained a driver.  Uh-oh!  Does your current driver training program seamlessly provide documentation for litigation?  Conversion e-Learning Academy does, and it’s your one-stop solution for driver orientation and training.  With online education solutions for your drivers from hire to retire, the training is flexible, scalable, and seamlessly documented in an easy-to-use system.

Maximize your hiring process and strengthen driver retention with Conversion Orientation. All classes and testing are completed online, which adds up to less down time for drivers and more cost savings for your fleet.  Enjoy less time away for employees participating in orientation, improved learning retention for drivers, and better asset utilization.  Online orientation also provides excellent documentation for potential litigation.

When Tim Norlin, Sr. Director of Driver Development for Marten Transport, made the decision to transition from traditional orientation to online orientation, he underestimated the impact it would have on the driver experience. 

“I was confident online orientation would streamline our processes and provide cost-savings,” said Norlin.  “But, the impact it’s had on our drivers, the retention of the material, and the ability to cover more material in a shorter length of time has proven to significantly impact the driver experience for our new hires.”

Carriers agree that today drivers are their number one asset, and research shows that drivers decide within 72 hours if they’re going to stay with a carrier.  If this is true, it begs the question – how can fleets improve the driver experience? 

For carriers like Marten Transport who are committed to delivering a great driver experience from day one, online orientation has become a core component of winning drivers over from the start.  “Online orientation provides a self-paced training environment that drivers welcome,” said Norlin.  “It gives them an opportunity to spend more quality time with our team outside of the classroom before they get in a truck.”

In addition to online orientation, Conversion e-Learning Academy also offers training for existing drivers and office personnel.  This solution provides carriers with customizable online training for all of your learning needs. Your drivers and staff can train online and at their leisure on any number of subjects including load securement, cargo protection, safety training, and more.  The training can be customized for your specific carrier, or you can select from one of our online training modules from Conversion e-Learning Academy. 

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