Donaldson Announces Air Filter Test Results, GeoTab Contract

Donaldson's Al Hovda speaks at the press conference. (Anneliese Mahoney/Transport Topics)

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ATLANTA — Donaldson Co. said recent tests show the Donaldson PowerCore filters can save fleets up to $215 per truck per year, because the filters provide 27% less restriction.

Restriction is how hard the engine has to work to pull the air through the filter.

Al Hovda, general manager of Donaldson Air Products, briefed reporters at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show on Oct. 30. Donaldson is a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of filtration products.

But even with better performance, filters should be changed before they reach maximum restriction, Hovda told reporters. As the filters get dirtier, the engine burns more diesel.

“That’s costing you more and more fuel penalty,” Hovda said.

Hovda said the savings include the cost of filter replacement, which he told reporters was in the range of $50 per change.

Donaldson officials said the company introduced PowerCore filters 20 years ago to meet the demanding specifications of longhaul truck engineers and large truck manufacturers such as Freightliner Trucks and International Trucks, who now pre-install PowerCore filters on their new equipment, according to Donaldson officials.

Hovda told reporters that the filters also deliver 26% more contaminant-holding capacity, for fewer changes, compared to filters marketed as comparable.

In other news, Donaldson announced during NACV that its wireless filter-monitoring system for truck air filters will be integrated into Geotab’s fleet management platform.

Donaldson said its “Filter Minder” technology monitors the condition of truck-engine air filters, and the integration into the MyGeotab platform will give fleet managers enhanced visibility into the status of their engine air filtration system.

Donaldson said Filter Minder is the first wireless filter-monitoring system for trucks and heavy-duty equipment. Donaldson said it is field-testing the product, and the integration with Geotab supports a commercial launch of the Filter Minder solution in 2020.

Geotab, an Internet of Things and transportation technology company, is a fleet telematics system in North America, managing more than 450,000 Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks across the continent, according to Donaldson.

Donaldson officials also announced the Minnesota company manufactured its 40 millionth PowerCore air filter in 2019.

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