CVSA Deems Roadcheck a Success With 57,404 Trucks Inspected

Jonathin Reiskin/Transport Topics

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance deemed this year’s Roadcheck a success.

According to data released by Vigillo and confirmed by CVSA, 57,404 trucks were inspected during Roadcheck, sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and held June 7-9. Those inspections numbered at least 20,000 more than were undertaken during the same period the weeks before and after Roadcheck.

“We’re encouraged,” CVSA’s Will Schaefer told Transport Topics. “Participation in Roadcheck is voluntary, so having more inspections is welcome. We had good feedback from the states we heard from that their events went well.”

Tires were the theme of this year’s Roadcheck, and there was a major increase in tire-related violations during the event compared to the same period during the prior and following weeks. More than 5,200 tire violations were recorded during Roadcheck, with 43% of those being tread-depth violations.

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“We did emphasize tires,” Schaefer said. “We wanted to get some tire information out to drivers and remind carriers that tire safety is important. That’s certainly part of the message that was achieved.”

Vigillo’s analysis showed that Texas had a particularly significant increase in inspections as well as more than a quarter of the tread depth violations.