July 5, 2017 10:15 PM, EDT

Replay: LiveOnWeb on TT 100 Rankings and Shifting Business Climate

What are carriers doing to prepare for what looks like increased demand for freight hauling this year and next?

The implementation of the ELD mandate in December will potentially force out some drivers, leading to fewer trucks on the road. This will leave carriers scrambling to line up trucks, and enable compliant carriers to raise their rates to shippers.

That's just one of the many economic issues facing fleets that we tackled in today's LiveOnWeb program, "The 2017 TT Top 100 For-Hire Carrier Rankings and Forecasting the Shifting Business Climate." Watch the replay above.

Appearing on the program were ATA Chief Economist and Senior Vice President Bob Costello, Werner Enterprises CEO Derek Leathers and U.S. Xpress CEO Eric Fuller. TT’s Daniel Bearth and Seth Clevenger hosted.

They also discussed issues like consolidation in the industry and a move toward dedicated contract carriage — plus the changes to this year's Top 100 rankings.

Here's our complete interviews with Costello and Leathers:




This month's program is sponsored by Telogis.

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