September 27, 2018 10:45 AM, EDT

Carrier Transicold Highlights Vector HE 19 at IAA

Supra CNG Supra compressed natural gas-powered refrigeration unit. (Christelle Glémet/Carrier Transicold)

Carrier Transicold Europe showcased several new products at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany, as well as its sustainable transport solutions.

Vector HE

Vector HE 19. (Carrier Transicold)

The Vector HE 19, a next-generation temperature-controlled trailer system, took center stage. The unit improves fuel consumption by up to 30%, reduces weight by 10% and boosts refrigerant containment. The design changes help it minimize impact to the environment while reducing running cost and total cost of ownership for operators.

Carrier Transicold also displayed the Supra compressed natural gas-powered refrigeration unit, which has won several awards since launching less than a year ago, including IAA’s Trailer Innovation Award in the environment category. According to a press release, it cuts particulate matter by 95%, nitrogen oxide by 70% and carbon dioxide by 20%, compared with the current general diesel technology.

Eco Drive

Eco-Drive. (Carrier Transicold)

Regarding improved sustainability, the company highlighted its range of engineless solutions, which can help to meet inner-city emissions regulations while lowering maintenance costs and improving fuel efficiency, as well as its alternative-energy sources. The Eco-Drive hydroelectric power source, for example, converts power generated by the trailer’s axles and the kinetic energy from braking into electricity that recharges a battery pack.

Carrier Transicold also launched its new e-Solutions connectivity package, a telematics platform designed to improve product visibility, manage operating costs and enhance operational efficiency.

The company, too, launched “Move Your Senses,” a campaign that highlights how the five human senses can be a guide in determining the quality of consumer goods.