CARB Pre-Approved Rear Aero Device

TRANSTEX receives CARB pre-approval for its EDGE TOPKIT+ aerodynamic rear-fairing solution for Phase 2 GHG compliance
Transtex Edge Topkit+

Indianapolis-based TRANSTEX, a company renowned for its trailer aerodynamic solutions, has been given preliminary GHG Phase 2 Bin III approval for its EDGE TOPKIT+ in an executive order issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The EDGE TOPKIT+ is the only standalone rear aero device to meet this standard. 

TRANSTEX’s EDGE TOPKIT+ is an innovative rear fairing solution that reduces drag and requires no driver interaction to achieve optimal trailer rear-end aerodynamics. As one of the lightest rear aero solutions available, the product, which combines the EDGE TOPKIT with EDGE FLAPS, a set of aerodynamic mudflaps, can provide fleets with fuel savings of 4.44 percent as demonstrated in road testing by Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS).

Making something good even better

The EDGE TOPKIT+ is an improvement over the original TopKit, an asset designed by SmartTruck and acquired by TRANSTEX in 2019.

“Over the years, we optimized the geometry and the position of our EDGE SKIRTS, so it made sense for us to take the TopKit and improve it further," explains TRANSTEX's Engineering Director, Pierre-Yves Lacroix. “Everything we do is Customer Driven, and the customer was clear that a standalone rear aero device had to be CARB pre-approved, save a significant amount of fuel, reduce harmful emissions, and always be deployed.”

How it works

The EDGE TOPKIT+ is installed at the rear of the trailer to improve the airflow around the back. Its design reduces the vacuum created in the wake of the trailer which makes it more aerodynamically efficient. It’s the simple, streamlined design of the EDGE TOPKIT+ that makes it so user-friendly and effective, and that’s due to it having minimal moving parts that eliminate the hours and money needed for maintenance. It also requires no driver interaction, and is suitable for all trailer applications, including flat and corrugated walls, and roll-up doors.

Third-party tested and impressive ROI

TRANSTEX was committed to putting the EDGE TOPKIT+ through rigorous testing and did so with MVTS, an independent, third-party fuel-testing company. Road testing was conducted at 45,000 lbs GVW and 65 mph and showed savings of 5.11 gal/1000 miles (4.44%).

MVTS concluded that based on 125,000 miles traveled annually, savings equated to 639 gallons per year for the EDGE TOPKIT+. At $3.056 per gallon (2019 average retail price of diesel), that added up to $1,953 in fuel savings per year and an 8.6-month ROI at a 2:1 trailer to truck ratio.


The EDGE TOPKIT+ is approved for use on 2021 to 2023 model year heavy-duty trailer types, such as full or partial aero long box, dry and reefer vans. Installation is available at all OEMs across North America and takes about an hour using two trained technicians. It is also backed by a 10-year warranty and is available in five colors. For more information, email or visit the website.


TRANSTEX develops and manufactures leading-edge trailer aerodynamic solutions that offer fleets the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic products, TRANSTEX delivers innovative offerings that improve customers' bottom line. Located in Indianapolis and operating in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the transportation industry for over 15 years.

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