ATA Says ULSD to Cost 5 Cents Per-Gallon More

Difficulties in Transport High Among Problems
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merican Trucking Associations said it estimated that the June 1 transition to ultra-low-sulfur diesel would increase the cost of trucking’s main fuel by at least 5 cents a gallon, while lowering the energy output of diesel by 1%.

ATA officials told reporters April 24 that contamination, volatility and possible difficulties in transporting ULSD posed “very serious concerns in terms of availability” and of increased diesel prices for the trucking industry during the first phase of the nationwide transition to the new, cleaner-burning fuel, due to take effect later this summer.

Also last week, ATA President Bill Graves said the planned conversions to ULSD — and the switch to ethanol from methanol as a gasoline additive — “may be the right way to go,” but each change “must be done in a manner that will allow us to continue to move America’s goods and products efficiently.”

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