ATA Unveils New Image Campaign Slogan

‘Nothing Without Trucking’ Designed With Policymakers in Mind
Nothing Without Trucking logo
American Trucking Associations

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SAN ANTONIO — American Trucking Associations has a new image campaign slogan: “Nothing Without Trucking.”

The new phrase is an update to ATA’s 10-year-old slogan, “Trucking Moves America Forward,” which has been touted as helping improve how the public views the industry.

Why the change? The hope is that the update will not only feel more fresh but also send a strong message to Congress and the administration.

The multiyear, nationwide image campaign is intended to educate policymakers and the public about the indispensable role trucking plays in Americans’ lives, ATA said. The campaign was launched at the federation’s Mid-Year Management Session with an introductory video, new website with social media shareables and a call to action for industry supporters to share their stories.

Chris Spear


“This time of year, as schools wind down and summer vacations dot the horizon, we’re here to remind America that in every season and at every moment of daily life, there’s nothing without trucking,” ATA President Chris Spear said. “In an election year when it can feel our country is more polarized than ever, trucking is an incomparable industry that connects Americans of every background in ways that are literal, essential and personal.

“Our footprint is omnipresent, our reach is inescapable, and this campaign will show why trucking is the true beating heart of this nation.”

“The image campaign was 10 years old,” Chief Operating Officer Sarah Rajtik said. “Essentially, we felt it was time to be very direct with the policymakers about what trucking really does.”

Sarah Ratjik


The slogan will champion the industry’s story through earned and paid media, digital content, grassroots mobilization and in-person events that connect the men and women of trucking with elected officials, political candidates and the motoring public.

“The tireless work of this industry instills a quiet confidence in every American that we can effortlessly get the products and goods we need precisely when we need them,” Rajtik added. “This campaign will tell our American story in new and innovative ways. We will spotlight the millions of individuals who make trucking safer, innovative, efficient and more environmentally responsible — from the drivers behind the wheel to the techs on the shop floor to the dispatchers, safety directors and fleet managers who all play an indispensable role in keeping our economy moving.”

NWT debuted with a call to action for industry stakeholders to share their stories through the campaign’s website

Trucking Moves America Forward was formally retired in a ceremony at the midyear meeting, honoring four individuals who played a significant role in launching and ensuring its success throughout the years.

ATA’s highest honor, the S. Earl Dove Highway Award, recognizes individuals whose contributions of time, energy and intelligence have advanced the interests of the trucking industry and the ATA federation. The award is named for the former ATA chairman and former owner of AAA Cooper Transportation.

 Dove Award Honorees

Kevin Burch


  • Elisabeth Barna, founder of EAB Strategies
  • Kevin Burch, Martin Transportation Systems and ATA chairman in 2016-17
  • Wendy Hamilton, chief of staff of Pilot Co.
  • Steve Ponder, senior vice president of Great West Casualty Co.

“Back in 2014, we did a survey of voters in America,” Burch said. “They gave a favorable impression of the trucking industry of 65%. We redid that in 2023, and the number was raised to 87%.”

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