Antares Introduces New Flatbed Trailer

Antares Equipment
Specialty trailer manufacturer Antares Equipment recently introduced a new 48-foot flatbed trailer with a fixed wide-spread air suspension.

The new trailer model, aimed at specialty vocations such as steel- and chicken-hauling, is designed to be light and durable, the Winamac, Indiana-based manufacturer said Oct. 10.

When equipped with steel wheels, the new trailer weighs 9,400 pounds with a 54,000-pound coil package and an 80,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating. Optional aluminum wheels reduce the trailer’s weight by 300 pounds.

The new trailer is built with hot-dip galvanized steel to protect against corrosion.

It is also designed so that replacement parts do not require welding or painting, the company said.

The new trailer model complements Antares’ existing flatbed trailers with dual air sliders.