April 7, 2014 8:30 AM, EDT

Ambassador Bridge Begins New Toll System for Commercial Vehicles

Dan Lippitt/ Bloomberg News

The Ambassador Bridge has begun a new toll system for commercial vehicles, designed to ease congestion, according to the bridge’s owners.

The A-PASS program provides a free RFID windshield tag for special toll lines and rewards drivers with a 5-cent discount per gallon of diesel fuel and electronic processing of paperwork at three advanced border processing center locations.

This program is being used for all commercial traffic heading into the United States from Canada, according to the Ontario Trucking Association, and eliminates stopping of commercial vehicles to pay tolls.

Commercial vehicles must stay to the right side of the plaza and use the far right entrance, when coming onto the U.S. Plaza from the U.S. Expressway.

Commercial vehicles cannot use the left entrance or toll lanes on the north side of the plaza to be processed.

Signage has been placed on the U.S. plaza entrance showing trucks are to stay right and cars are to stay left when coming off the expressways, OTA said.