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Video: Happy Holidays From Transport Topics

At the end of another year, Transport Topics is taking the opportunity to thank its readers for their time spent with us. We could not have had such a successful year without readers like you who find value in what we do and appreciate our efforts to create more. 

For the occasion, Transport Topics staff joined together to create something special. A video with each of us speaking directly to you, our community, about the year that has passed and the next one looking forward. 

It goes without saying, but thank you for trusting us for your news and information. 



This holiday season we want to take a moment to show you -- our readers, our advertisers, that you really, really matter to us... 

We wanted to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be in the trucking news business for over 85 years... 

Helping companies across the industry advertise their goods and services, all while getting to the bottom of the most pressing trucking business stories.  

You are legendary in your support and your willingness to follow along with us. You see value in what we create – and give us the opportunity to do more, create more, try harder.  

Thank you for keeping your newspaper close by. Thank you for spending your free minutes with us, reading.   

Especially those who kick their feet up and really read. We are really grateful for you. 

Thank you for paying attention when we brought you the redesigned and reimagine iTECH and Calibrate to your office.  

Thank you for listening to Transport Topics Radio, and turning to us when you needed more information on important topics like the driver shortage, supply chain issues, autonomous trucking, port problems, and infrastructure spending.  

Thank you for turning to us for all the latest news and insights during the pandemic, the economic recovery, and the ongoing supply chain issues across the globe.