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IMF Downgrades Outlook for Global Economy in Face of Virus

Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF, is seen during a session. Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF, is seen during a session on the first day of the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 14. (Jens Meyer/Associated Press)

The International Monetary Fund has sharply lowered its forecast for global growth this year because it envisions far more severe economic damage from the coronavirus than it did just two months ago.

Martin Crutsinger | Associated Press
June 24, 2020
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IMF: World Needs Two-Decade, $20 Trillion Investment

The IMF is recommending heavy investment in infrastructure and alternative power in the coming decades. A pedestrian walks past a halted construction site in Detroit. (Emily Elconin/Bloomberg News)

The International Monetary Fund sees the world needing public investment of more than $20 trillion in the next two decades as nations spend on initiatives including improved healthcare systems, infrastructure and green technology.

Eric Martin | Bloomberg News
May 6, 2020
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IMF Predicts Global Economy Will Suffer Worst Year Since Depression

Frankfurt, Germany The buildings of the banking district are visible in Frankfurt, Germany. (Michael Probst/AP)

WASHINGTON — Beaten down by the coronavirus outbreak, the world economy in 2020 will suffer its worst year since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the International Monetary Fund says in its latest forecast.

April 14, 2020
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IMF, World Bank Leaders Appeal for End to Trade Wars

 Kristalina Georgieva Kristalina Georgieva by Jose Luis Magana/AP

WASHINGTON — The leaders of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank appealed to their 189 member countries Oct. 18 to resolve widening disagreements on trade and other issues, warning that the divisions threatened to make the consequences of a global slowdown even worse.

October 18, 2019
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IMF Sees US Fading as Global Growth Engine

Wall street bull statue Sam valadi/Flickr

The world is leaning less on its biggest economy to sustain the global recovery, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Andrew Mayeda | Bloomberg News
July 24, 2017

IMF Raises Global Forecast While Warning of Protectionism Threat

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg News

The emergence of protectionist forces could undermine a modest brightening of the global growth outlook and is putting severe strain on the post-World War II economic order, the International Monetary Fund said.

Andrew Mayeda | Bloomberg News
April 18, 2017

IMF Cuts US Growth Forecast


The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for U.S. growth this year, urging the Federal Reserve to lean toward modestly overshooting its inflation target in considering whether the economy can handle higher interest rates.

Andrew Mayeda | Bloomberg News
June 22, 2016

IMF Warns of Global Stagnation as Growth Outlook Cut Again

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News

A prolonged period of slow growth has left the global economy more exposed to negative shocks and raised the risk that the world will slide into stagnation, the IMF warned.

Andrew Mayeda | Bloomberg News
April 12, 2016