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16 States Join Request for Court Review of EPA’s Glider Decision

Fitzgerald Glider Kit installed in a Peterbilt 389 Fitzgerald glider kit via YouTube

Attorneys general from 16 states have joined a request that an appeals court review a decision by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials to not enforce an Obama-era regulation limiting the production of glider kit trucks to 300 units per manufacturer.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
July 24, 2018
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EPW Chairman, EPA Acting Chief Andrew Wheeler Discuss Plans for Senate Hearing

Andrew Wheeler Wheeler by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

WASHINGTON — The country’s top protector of the environment’s first U.S. Senate appearance should occur before the Environment and Public Works Committee, the chairman of the committee told Transport Topics on July 11.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
July 12, 2018
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EPA Advisory Board to Review Science Behind the Agency’s Glider Truck Rule Repeal Proposal

Fitzgerald Glider Kit installed in a Peterbilt 389 (Fitzgerald Glider Kits via YouTube)

An Environmental Protection Agency advisory board is reviewing the quality and relevance of scientific and technical information used to justify repealing an Obama administration regulation that limits the production of glider trucks.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
June 14, 2018
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Critics Contend EPA Can’t Keep Prior Fuel Economy Data in Its Blind Spot

Getty Images

Lawsuits over EPA’s April fuel economy determination are more than just a pre-emptive strike, challengers say: They’re an effort to force the agency to consider thousands of pages of its own data as it considers weakening emissions limits for passenger cars.

Abby Smith | Bloomberg News
May 23, 2018
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EPA Moves to Cut Obama-Era Fuel-Efficiency Standards

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The Trump administration announced that fuel-efficiency regulations for cars and light trucks are too stringent and must be revised, formally beginning a process sought by the U.S. auto industry to rollback anti-pollution targets.

Ryan Beene, Jennifer A Dlouhy and John Lippert | Bloomberg News
April 2, 2018

Trump to Cite Cost, Safety for Auto Emissions Rollback, Sources Say

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The Trump administration will argue that the high cost of meeting Obama-era fuel economy standards discourages motorists from trading in less-efficient vehicles, as it sets about weakening the rules, said people familiar with the discussions.

Jennifer A Dlouhy Ryan Beene and John Lippert | Bloomberg News
March 30, 2018
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California, Trump Administration on Collision Course Over Auto Rules

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS

California and the Trump administration are on a collision course over auto-efficiency regulations that could lead the White House to deploy the nuclear option: revoking the state’s cherished power to set its own limits on air pollution.

Jennifer A Dlouhy John Lippert and Ryan Beene | Bloomberg News
March 14, 2018
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EPA Chief Signals Showdown With California on Tailpipe Standards

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The Trump administration’s chief environmental regulator signaled a coming showdown with California, warning the state won’t dictate the future of ambitious automobile fuel economy regulations enacted by the Obama administration.

Jennifer A Dlouhy Ryan Beene and John Lippert | Bloomberg News
March 13, 2018
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EPA Rebuffs Biodiesel Makers, Won’t Increase Minimum Production Level for 2019

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters driver Todd Jones pumps biodiesel onto a company truck. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters driver Todd Jones pumps biodiesel. (Alden Pellett/Associated Press)

Despite pressure from biodiesel producers to require greater minimum production levels of biomass-based diesel, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stuck to its proposed plan to maintain the 2018 level of 2.1 billion gallons for 2019.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
December 7, 2017
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CARB Will Regulate Trailers If EPA Vacates Section of Phase 2


Whatever federal authorities may or may not do to alter parts of the U.S. Phase 2 regulation of greenhouse gases from trucks, California will keep regulations in place that are at least as tough as the October 2016 final rule, and might even get more strict and encompass aspects of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Jonathan S. Reiskin | Associate News Editor
September 13, 2017