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Alphabet’s Drone Delivery Service in Virginia Sees Surge During Pandemic

An Alphabet Wing drone delivers a package at home during a demonstration in Blacksburg, Va., in 2018. An Alphabet Wing drone delivers a package at home during a demonstration in Blacksburg, Va., in 2018. (Charles Mostoller/Bloomberg News)

Alphabet Inc.’s Wing unit is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of customers using its drone delivery service in rural Virginia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
April 8, 2020
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Drones Need Tracking Network for Expanded Flights, FAA Says

drones An Amazon drone. (Amazon.com)

All but the smallest civilian drones would have to broadcast radio tracking data to ensure greater safety and prevent terrorism under a sweeping proposal unveiled by U.S. regulators Dec. 26.

Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
December 27, 2019
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Drones That Do the Work of 500 Farmers Transform Palm Oil

Drone for palm oil Plantation workers operates drones for plantation mapping and monitoring in Genting Tanah Merah Estate, owned by Genting Plantations Bhd., in Johore, Malaysia. (Joshua Paul/Bloomberg News)

As haze blanketed large tracts of Southeast Asia last month, office workers with Genting Plantations Bhd. in Jakarta were investigating the source of the choking smoke more than a thousand kilometers away.

Anuradha Raghu | Bloomberg News
November 19, 2019
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Microsoft Wants to Teach Drones, Robots, Drills How to Think

Microsoft Microsoft logo. (Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg News)

Microsoft Corp. and technology rivals spend a lot of time talking about machine learning. Now Microsoft is talking about something called machine teaching.

Dina Bass | Bloomberg News
November 4, 2019
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FedEx Completes First Commercial Drone Delivery

FedEx drone delivery in partnership with Alphabet's Wing. The drone makes its delivery. (FedEx Corp.)

FedEx officials said the company’s test drone program completed the first U.S. residential delivery of commercial goods, a scheduled trip to a home in Christiansburg, Va., on Oct. 18.

October 21, 2019
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Alphabet Unveils App to Provide Air-Traffic Control for Drones

Drones Project Wing conducts example flights of its drone delivery system. (Charles Mostoller/Bloomberg News)

The company that brought you free digital maps and e-mail wants to do the same thing for your drone.

Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
July 16, 2019
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Drone Delivery Canada Joins Forces With Air Canada Cargo

Drone Delivery Canada A Drone Delivery Canada test flight. (Drone Delivery Canada via YouTube)

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. has entered into an agreement with Air Canada Cargo to market and sell DDC’s drone delivery services in Canada, using Air Canada Cargo’s marketing and sales platforms and resources, according to a news release.

June 10, 2019
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Amazon Poised to Test Drone Deliveries Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Amazon's hybrid helicopter-small plane drone Joe Buglewicz/Bloomberg News

Amazon.com Inc. has unveiled a revolutionary new drone — part helicopter and part science-fiction aircraft — that the company expects to use for test deliveries of toothpaste and other household goods starting within months.

Alan Levin | Bloomberg News
June 6, 2019
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UPS, Startup Begin First Regular Drone Deliveries in US

UPS An M2 delivery drone, manufactured by Matternet Inc. (Stefan Wermuth.Bloomberg News)

UPS Inc. and a startup drone partner began the first continuing commercial drone deliveries in the United States, making a short flight carrying a medical sample between North Carolina hospitals March 26.

Thomas Black | Bloomberg News
March 26, 2019
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Drone Company Flytrex Closes $7.5 Million Series B Round

Flytrex A Flytrex drone makes a delivery. (Flytrex via YouTube)

Drone-delivery technology company Flytrex announced it has raised $7.5 million in Series B funding, according to a Jan. 8 press release. This round brings the company’s total to $11 million.

January 8, 2019