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National Safety Council Estimates 3% Drop in 2013 Traffic Deaths

About 35,200 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2013, a 3% decline from 2012, the National Safety Council said Feb. 12.

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February 12, 2014
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NHTSA Soon to Issue 2012 Crash Data, Including Truck-Involved Fatality Figures

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will soon release data on 2012 truck-involved crashes, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a further analysis of 2011 statistics.

November 11, 2013
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FMCSA’s Crash-Fault Study Complete, Under Agency Review

A federal study of how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration could assign fault for truck crashes has been completed, but is being reviewed in-house by the agency, officials said.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
September 5, 2013
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Transport Canada Enacts Emergency Rail Safety Rules in Wake of Quebec Crash

Transport Canada announced emergency railway safety rules in the wake of a deadly freight train crash in Quebec earlier this month.

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July 24, 2013
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Crashes Due to Trailer Separation Are Rare, According to FMCSA Data on Accidents

Crashes such as the recent one in upstate New York where a trailer apparently separated from a tractor and struck a minivan with deadly consequences are rare, according to federal crash experts and investigators working on the case.

July 1, 2013
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Authorities to Audit Maryland Company Involved in Rail Accident

Federal regulators and Maryland state police are planning a “top-to-bottom” review of the safety record of a waste-removal company owned by a trucker who was seriously hurt this week when a CSX freight train hit his truck at an unmarked crossing, the Baltimore Sun reported.

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May 31, 2013
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Mixing Medium- and Heavy-Duty Crash Data Skews Safety Trends, ATRI Study Says

A new study of large truck crash data shows that the number of crashes involving smaller commercial vehicles and intrastate motor carriers is increasing at a faster rate than crashes involving larger trucks and interstate motor carriers.

Daniel P. Bearth | Staff Writer
May 30, 2013
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ATA Vice Chairman Urges Law Enforcement to Focus on Driver Behavior

American Trucking Associations Vice Chairman Phil Byrd said Tuesday that law enforcement agencies must do more to focus on the unsafe behavior of drivers, both commercial and noncommercial, in order to achieve safety improvements.

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April 23, 2013
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Studies Show Auto Driver Often at Fault in Truck-Involved Crashes, ATA Reports

As many as three of every four crashes involving cars and heavy trucks are caused by automobile “driver factors” such as speeding or failure to stay in a lane, according to a report released last week by American Trucking Associations.

February 18, 2013
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Truck-Crash Deaths Up 1.9%

Truck-involved highway fatalities inched up 1.9% to 3,757 in 2011 from 3,686 the year before, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported last week.

December 17, 2012