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Perspective: Pivotal Opportunity to Repeal FET

Congress and President Joe Biden are currently focused on improving America’s infrastructure, with a key sticking point being how to pay for the improvements. This debate presents an opportunity for Congress to finally resolve funding for the insolvent Highway Trust Fund by replacing antiquated funding mechanisms — such as the federal excise tax on heavy-duty trucks and trailers — with solutions that are more reflective of today’s transportation landscape.

Steve Bassett | Chairman, American Truck Dealers
June 21, 2021
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment, Perspective

Perspective: Federal Excise Tax Relief Can Aid Recovery

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. In the United States it altered the way our country operates and wreaked havoc on American businesses, but leaders in Washington responded with actions that helped mitigate the damage. I applaud these efforts and am confident that our economy will bounce back. But the work is not done.

Steve Bassett | Chairman, American Truck Dealers
June 15, 2020