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San Diego Rolls Out $107.4 Million for Large Vehicle Charging Stations

San Diego Public Gas and Electric San Diego Gas & Electric

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a program that will see San Diego Gas & Electric build 3,000 electric vehicle charging stations for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles including school buses, delivery trucks and forklifts, and SDG&E customers will be the ones to pay for it.

Rob Nikolewski | The San Diego Union-Tribune
August 20, 2019
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California Commits Billions to Advance EV Programs

Tesla A Tesla Model S at a Supercharging station. (Charles Krupa/Associated Press)

A review conducted by the San Diego Union-Tribune showed various state agencies have committed $2.46 billion in public funds — some of it already spent and the rest planned over a number of years — for programs aimed at luring drivers out of cars and trucks powered by internal combustion engines and encouraging them into zero- or low-emission vehicles.

Rob Nikolewski | The San Diego Union-Tribune
February 4, 2019

Breaking Down California’s New Higher Gasoline Tax

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

The California Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown just passed a bill that will plow $52.4 billion in taxes and fees aimed at shoring up California’s freeways, roads and bridges.

Rob Nikolewski | The San Diego Union-Tribune
April 24, 2017