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Lithium Boom Is Coming, Just not Overnight

Lithium miners are bulking up for a booming future when electric cars go mainstream. But speed bumps loom, with prices tumbling on a burst of new production and demand growth slowing in China.

Laura Millan Lombrana | Bloomberg News
July 29, 2019
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Saving the Planet With Electric Vehicles Means Strangling This Desert

Mining for lithium for electric vehicles is having an irreversible impact on the Atacama desert in Chile.

Laura Millan Lombrana | Bloomberg News
June 11, 2019
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Lithium-Rich Chile Seeks to Become Major Player in Battery Sector

The country holding the world’s largest reserves of lithium says it is one step closer to becoming a manufacturing hub for rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles.

Laura Millan Lombrana | Bloomberg News
February 1, 2019
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Top Lithium Miner Forced to Stay Nimble in Fickle Battery Market

Albemarle Corp., the world’s largest lithium producer, is planning to expand production in Australia, chasing the market for a form of the metal increasingly being used by the makers of electric car batteries.

Laura Millan Lombrana | Bloomberg News
November 8, 2018