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Electric Trucks Will Help ‘Kill Dirty Diesel,’ California Lawmakers Say

Ken James/Bloomberg News

Parked east of the California Capitol steps was a long line of vehicles as clean as they were large, including a yellow school bus, a UPS delivery truck and an AC Transit bus — all with electric or hybrid motors.

Katy Murphy | East Bay (Calif.) Times
August 30, 2017

Californians Give Big Thumbs Down to New Gas Tax, Poll Finds

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News

Californians may hate swerving to avoid potholes, but a new law that will charge drivers an extra $10 a month to pave over the state’s problem roads is provoking its own kind of road rage.

Katy Murphy | East Bay (Calif.) Times
June 9, 2017

California Transportation Bill and Proposed Gas-Tax Hike Advances to Senate Floor

Jeff Turner/Flickr

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A massive $52 billion transportation deal that would raise fuel taxes and vehicle fees to fix California’s pothole-ridden roads and unstable bridges cleared a key legislative committee April 3 as proponents race to meet a self-imposed April 6 deadline.

Katy Murphy | East Bay (Calif.) Times
April 4, 2017

California Proposal Funds Road Fixes With 12-Cent Gas Tax Hike, Electric Car Fee

Brown by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Jerry Brown and top Democratic lawmakers on March 29 announced a major deal aimed at repairing California’s crumbling roads and bridges by raising fuel taxes, hiking vehicle registration fees and for the first time charging electric car owners a yearly fee.

Katy Murphy | East Bay (Calif.) Times
March 30, 2017