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China Armed With Powerful Market Weapons in Duel With Trump

Qilai Shen/Bloomberg News

China has a powerful financial-market arsenal for its trade tussle with America, including a hoard of Treasuries and its currency. But using those weapons is not without cost.

Katherine Greifeld | Bloomberg News
May 10, 2019

New Jersey Wants to Fund Roads by Selling Debt to Its Pensions


New Jersey lawmakers are proposing a creative approach to raising money for needed work on Garden State roads: Sell bonds directly to its struggling pension funds.

Katherine Greifeld | Bloomberg News
December 12, 2016
Government, Business

Pennsylvania’s Turnpike Commission Toll Grab Raises Concern


Pennsylvania’s reliance on toll revenue from the nation’s oldest turnpike to fund other road and mass-transit projects is starting to worry Janney Montgomery Scott’s Alan Schankel.

Katherine Greifeld | Bloomberg News
September 22, 2016