Jennifer A. Dlouhy and Kim Chipman

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US Boosts Biofuel Quotas as Gas Prices Surge

biofuel refinery POET ethanol biorefinery in Gowrie, Iowa. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg)

The U.S. is ordering refiners to boost the use of biofuels such as corn-based ethanol, as the Biden administration tries to strike a balance between competing political and economic pressures while gasoline prices soar.

June 3, 2022
Government, Business, Fuel

Spiking Gas and Food Costs Weigh on Biden Biofuel Plans

A drop of E85 hangs at the end of a pump A drop of E85 hangs at the end of a pump. E85 is a mixture of 85% ethanol and gasoline. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News)

Surging gasoline and food costs are weighing on the Biden administration as it prepares to set mandates for the use of renewable fuels.

May 26, 2022