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Maker of Smaller, Lighter Electric Motors Attracts Investors

Infinitum Electric's IEm series motor Infinitum Electric's IEm Series motor. (Infinitum Electric)

Infinitum Electric, an electric motor maker based in Texas, has attracted $80 million in investment from several major energy-focused firms, enabling it to boost production.

Eric Roston | Bloomberg News
May 17, 2022
Government, Business, Safety, Fuel

Amazon, ExxonMobil Among Corporations Called Out Over Climate Transparency

Czarek Sokolowski/Associated Press, Exxon Mobil Corp. and Volvo are among more than 700 companies being targeted in a campaign backed by a large group of investors advocating for greater transparency when it comes to environmental impact.

Eric Roston | Bloomberg News
June 17, 2019
Government, Business, Safety, Fuel

Pollution Worsened in 2018 Because of Two Overlooked Sectors, Research Suggests

Pollution Robyn Beck/Associated Press

In the debate over climate change, the heaviest polluters — think: power plants, trucks and cars — get the most attention from policymakers. New research suggests a broader view might be called for.

Eric Roston | Bloomberg News
January 8, 2019