Wabtec Earnings Fall on Slumping Freight Market

Wabtec Corp., a manufacturer of products for the freight and passenger rail markets, reported Feb. 21 a sharp decline in profits during the previous quarter and year as major freight rail carriers hit a slump.

Daniel Moore | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 21, 2017

Pinched by Fewer Energy Products, Rail Carriers Broadening Customers

This year will be another disappointing one for freight rail carriers hauling fewer carloads of coal and natural-gas drilling supplies through southwestern Pennsylvania.

Daniel Moore | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 15, 2016
Business, Logistics

As Freight Railroads Cut Spending, Manufacturers Take Hit

For more than a year now, prolonged downturns in the coal, oil and steel industries have meant much less traffic on freight railroads.

Daniel Moore | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 16, 2016

Railroads Close Tracks, Cut Jobs Across the Country as Coal Cools Off

Working in or around Conway Terminal, the sprawling testament to the might of the U.S. freight railroad system, it might be easy to forget the storm of troubles brewing at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Daniel Moore | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 18, 2016