April 20, 2018 3:30 PM, EDT

XPO Logistics Announces May Launch of Google Home, Amazon Echo for Last-Mile Delivery

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo by Elaine Thompson/AP

Consumers expecting a delivery at their home may soon ask, “Alexa, when will my new washer and dryer arrive?”

XPO Logistics logo

That is the hope of XPO Logistics, which announced beginning in May customers will be able to track deliveries — from point of sale to home delivery — using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant personal assistant technologies. XPO says it is the first warehousing and large delivery company using smart speaker technology so customers can track a package and schedule or reschedule a delivery.

XPO ranks No. 1 on the Transport Topics list of Top 50 logistics companies in North America. Its employees make or manage about 35,000 daily deliveries of heavy or unwieldy goods from companies including The Home Depot, Best Buy and Crate and Barrel, moving such items as large appliances, furniture or big-screen televisions.

“Today’s consumers expect access to, and control over, their personal experience within the supply chain,” Chief Operating Officer Troy Cooper said. “We’re adding simple yet powerful tools that use connectivity to strengthen these relationships.”