January 9, 2018 11:45 AM, EST

Weston LaBar Named CEO of Harbor Trucking Association

The Harbor Trucking Association has promoted Executive Director Weston LaBar to CEO, offering him a five-year contract to run the trade group that represents the port trucking industry in Southern California.


“The HTA has seen unprecedented growth as an organization and has become the voice of harbor drayage on a national basis over the past three years. Weston brought his expertise of trade associations and public policy to the HTA and has worked hard to develop a vision for our platform and insure our long term sustainability,” HTA President George Boyle said.

The association works with terminal operations at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., to improve truck turn times to increase the productivity of the drivers for the owners of the contents of the containers.

Each month, the association publishes turn-time data that tracks the amount of time it takes a truck driver to complete his business at a terminal.

“Drayage was once a forgotten segment of the trucking sector. Now, drayage is getting a lot of attention and respect throughout the nation. It is a key element of the global supply chain and we will continue to educate people on the importance of drayage, as well as continue our efforts to innovate and create solutions that increase productivity and give companies and drivers the resources they need to be successful,” LaBar said.