April 16, 2018 9:30 AM, EDT

Warehouse Theft Nets 20,000 Cases of Beer

Empty warehouse Thinkstock

Crooks on March 12 stole about C$500,000 worth of beer, pepperoni and dried beef in a theft from a warehouse in Boucherville on Montreal’s South Shore. Police report the thieves are attempting to sell the haul to businesses across two Canadian provinces.

In the nighttime caper, the thieves broke into the warehouse, disabled alarms and camera systems, and loaded up three trucks to cart away about 20,000 cases of Grolsch beer and Jack Link’s brand of dried beef and pepperoni. Police found the empty trucks abandoned in Montreal.

“All we know is during the night, the suspects came a couple of times to this building using the trucks, and they emptied the warehouse that way,” police spokesman Jean-Pierre Voutsinos said. Police hadn’t determined the number of suspects involved.

Voutsinos said that the thieves have a lot of beer to sell, so they probably will be contacting businesses from Quebec to Ontario.