August 15, 2007 9:30 AM, EDT

Virginia Re-Inspecting Bridges Following Minn. Collapse

The Virginia Department of Transportation will re-inspect 11 bridge structures across the state beginning Wednesday to ensure their safety in light of the recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis that killed at least nine people, the Associated Press reported.

VDOT and Federal Highway Administration officials reviewed inspection records for all structures in Virginia following the Aug. 1 collapse of the Minneapolis bridge, AP said.

One truck driver was among the dead in that collapse.

Engineers determined 12 of the commonwealth’s 20,000 structures feature the same deck-truss design elements as the Minneapolis, and all have been inspected within the last two years, AP reported, citing VDOT.

Meanwhile, four of Pennsylvania's 54 deck truss bridges have serious deterioration, according to new information released Tuesday, AP said.