USPS Adds Security Features to Many Mail Collection Boxes

Mail Theft Down, Arrests Up Since Changes Began to Be Implemented
Mailboxes like these in high-crime areas are getting tamper-resistant upgrades. (PlasticSteak1/GettyImages)

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Amid a nationwide security crackdown, the U.S. Postal Service has made changes to its blue collection boxes.

Tens of thousands of high-security blue collection boxes and electronic locking mechanisms have been installed in “high postal crime areas” in every state, USPS said in a statement. This includes 15,000 new blue boxes with another 8,500 to be installed and 28,000 electronic locking mechanisms that make it harder to access mail receptacles.

“These investments will help to modernize USPS’ infrastructure and ensure that the public can safely and securely send and receive mail,” USPS said in a statement.

USPS started its widescale upgrade of mail collection boxes in May 2023 amid rising crime involving letter carriers and mail theft. Since the start of October, the Postal Inspection Service reports 73% more arrests for letter carrier robberies over the same period the previous year.


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Since May 2023, the Postal Inspection Service has made over 1,200 arrests for letter carrier robberies and mail theft nationwide. Over the last five months, reported robberies of letter carriers have decreased by 19% and complaints received for mail theft are down 34%.

How to protect your mail

USPS has recommendations for how to protect your mail:

  • Don’t let incoming or outgoing mail sit in your mailbox. You can reduce the chances of being victimized by simply removing mail from your mailbox every day.
  • Deposit outgoing mail at secure locations, including inside the local Post Office or at your place of business, or hand it directly to a letter carrier.
  • Sign up for Informed Delivery and get daily digest emails that preview your mail and packages scheduled to arrive soon.
  • Keep an eye out for your letter carrier. If you see something that looks suspicious, or you see someone following your carrier, call 911.

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