Traffic Congestion Costs Billions in Wasted Fuel, Time, Report Says

Traffic congestion costs drivers more than $100 billion annually in wasted fuel and lost time, and American drivers waste about 1.9 billion gallons annually sitting in traffic, according to a new Treasury Department report.

The report — released in support of President Obama’s plan to upgrade and expand U.S. infrastructure in the coming year — comes amid Congressional debate on an extension of federal transportation funding, USA Today reported Monday.

The Obama administration supports a two-year, $109 billion transportation and infrastructure bill passed earlier this month by the Senate, while the House is wrestling with its own highway bill this week.

Poor road conditions cost the average motorist more than $400 in added vehicle maintenance per year, USA Today said, citing the report.

The United States spends about 2% of the gross domestic product on infrastructure, while China, India and Europe spend about 9%, 8% and 5% of their GDP, respectively, the paper reported.