February 19, 2021 4:30 PM, EST

Torc Robotics Chooses AWS as Cloud Provider

Torc Robotics truckTorc Robotics

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Torc Robotics announced it selected Amazon Web Services Inc. as its preferred cloud provider to handle the scale and speed needed for data transfer, storage and compute capacity as the company prepares to deploy its fleet of next-generation self-driving test trucks in New Mexico and Virginia.

Torc is a subsidiary of Stuttgart, Germany-based Daimler Truck AG, responsible for commercializing a Level 4 autonomous system that will be offered to trucking customers. As defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers, under Level 4 autonomy, a vehicle is capable of performing all driving functions under specified operating conditions.

With the growth in test fleet size, number of routes and sensor capability, there is an increase in data ingestion and analysis needs by engineering teams in the United States and in Germany, according to the Blacksburg, Va.-based company.

Torc’s test fleet in New Mexico is already generating petabytes of data (1 petabyte is 1 million gigabytes) from tests on public roads. Torc’s end-to-end software stack collects and processes raw data from multiple sensors such as lidar, radar and cameras. In addition to the expansion of routes and fleet size, the next generation of test trucks has integrated more sensors at higher resolutions to enhance object detection at longer ranges — further increasing the magnitude of data for analysis, simulation and machine learning, Torc reported. — Transport Topics

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