Tolls End On Ga. 400 In Atlanta

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) collected the last toll on State Route 400 on Nov. 22, keeping the state’s promise to end tolling on the road once its debt had been retired.

The toll road runs into downtown Atlanta from north Fulton and Forsyth counties.

“I made a promise that the tolls would end when the bond debt was paid, and I am proud to stand here today to mark the end of that debt and the fulfillment of that commitment,” Deal said. “I am happy to announce that Ga. 400 motorists can now keep their change.”

Deal said during his 2010 campaign that he would end the tolls as state leaders had pledged in 1993 when the road was built. In 2012, Deal announced that the bonds sold to build the road would be paid off by the end of this year.

Demolition crews began in late October to remove toll signs along the road and to restripe the lanes. Demolition of the toll booths will begin in January.