Thermo King Develops Truck Solar Panel

Thermo King

Thermo King said it has developed a solar panel option for trucks, designed to provide an alternative power source for refrigerated and dry fleets.

The ThermoLite solar panels are able to withstand winter conditions as well as high velocity rain and are “the only automotive-rated charge controller on the market,” according to the company.

"Our solar panels enable TracKing and other telematics systems to monitor assets over long periods of time, even when the transport refrigeration unit is off, while also safeguarding the health of the battery," said Paul Kroes, solar business development manager at Thermo King.

The ThermoLite 26W is able to support transport refrigeration unit batteries and the 36W model can support the company’s Heat King cargo heater and its Europe, Middle East and Africa products.

“Our goal is to continue to bring customers the most innovative solutions that are efficient and reliable, and improve the bottom line,” Kroes said.

The company expects to unveil its 100-300W model in November, which will be able to support liftgate and pallet-jack charging.