Telogis Launches Expanded Route-Planning Software

Telogis Inc. has expanded its route-planning software to include new analytics and daily planning capabilities.

The expanded software, named the Telogis Route Planning Suite, is designed to enable fleets to respond to changes in their businesses, “whether that’s moving a warehouse location or responding to a last-minute change to an order,” said Newth Morris, Telogis co-founder and president of Telogis Route and Navigation.

“What we’re providing is an end-to-end, integrated, software-as-a-service planning suite that allows companies to make strategic decisions all the way down to the very last turn into their delivery,” Morris told Transport Topics.

One new element of the software is the Territory module, which allows fleets to create geographic territories and driver zones while also functioning as an analytics tool. Morris said customers can use the new module to pull up all of their deliveries — both historic and planned — and sort them by type of delivery and location and run analytics on their operations.

The new version of the software will retain the existing Schedule module, with which customers can build detailed routes for their fleets. The routing software accounts for hours-of-service rules and the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability program in the route-building process, Morris said.


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