Seeing Machines Unveils Guardian System to Monitor Driver Fatigue, Distraction

John Sommers II for Transport Topics
John Sommers II for Transport Topics

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Seeing Machines unveiled its Guardian system, the latest version of its driver fatigue and distraction monitoring technology designed to enhance fleet safety.

The Australia-based technology firm provided demonstrations of the system here at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Guardian uses onboard sensors and image-processing software to track a driver’s eye and head movements for signs that the driver is fatigued or distracted. When the system detects a fatigue or distraction event, it intervenes immediately by warning the driver through in-cab audio and seat-vibration alerts.

The product also adds a forward-facing camera with wide-angle lens to record the road in front of the driver, which shows the fleet the road conditions when an incident occurs.

“Seeing Machines’ Guardian offers a holistic risk management solution that prevents incidents before they happen, protecting your fleet and drivers,” CEO Ken Kroeger said. “Fatigue and distraction events are recorded for analysis to better understand and mitigate the dangers that may impact the driver and the company.”

To protect driver privacy, Guardian’s camera records only when it detects a fatigue or distraction event. The information is then transmitted to Seeing Machines’ 24/7 SafeGuard Center for analysis, the company said.

“The Guardian system is focused on incident prevention, mitigation, and saving lives — not driver surveillance,” Kroeger said.