Security & Safety Briefs — Dec. 28 - Jan. 3

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FMCSA to Offer Driver-Training Grants

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced plans to provide grants for states, cities and driving schools to subsidize the training of commercial drivers.Spokesman Ian Grossman told Transport Topics that FMCSA was unsure how much money would be available, because of federal budget uncertainty. In the past year, FMCSA issued about $990,000, he said. Transport Topics

Groups Sue Army to Stop Trucking Nerve Gas

Environmental and other watchdog groups in four states have filed a federal lawsuit to try to stop the U.S. Army from trucking the byproduct of a deadly chemical weapon from Indiana to New Jersey, where it would be treated and dumped into the Delaware River, the Associated Press and CBS reported.The complaint by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and other groups claims the Army’s plan to transport the byproduct of neutralized VX nerve agent across state lines violates a federal law banning interstate movement of chemical weapons, the news agencies said.The suit, filed in federal district court in Washington and made public by the plaintiffs late last month, challenges the Army’s assessment of the impact the proposed project would have on the river, AP and CBS reported.The complaint seeks to force the Army to complete an environmental impact statement before the project is allowed to move forward. Transport Topics

Cakeboxx Says Doorless ContainerPrevents Unauthorized Access

Cakeboxx LLC, Portland, Ore., said in December that it has developed an intermodal container that does not have any doors.The container consists of a superstructure and a platform that can be separated from each other. In addition, the superstructure is fastened to the platform with a combination of a lock and a latch to prevent unauthorized access.Since the container has no doors, cargo cannot be tampered with while it is on a ship, Cakeboxx said. If an official needs to inspect the container, the unit’s superstructure can be lifted off the container’s platform.Intermodal cargo containers handle about 90% of international freight, Cakeboxx said. Transport TopicsPrevious Security & Safety Briefs


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