August 18, 2016 10:30 AM, EDT

Scania to Test Hydrogen-Powered Trucks


Scania Inc. said it will partner with one of Norway’s largest trucking companies to test trucks powered by electrical energy converted from hydrogen gas in fuel cells in the vehicle.

The manufacturer is teaming with Asko, Norway’s largest convenience goods wholesaler, to test the powertrains. The trucks will be travelling routes of about 310 miles as part of the test.

“This very interesting project represents a unique opportunity to test the fuel cell technology for conversion of energy to our electric powertrains in a challenging customer operating environment. The conversion of hydrogen gas to electrical energy onboard trucks, which are operated for longer distances, will thus provide value experience for Scania’s continued development of electrified powertrains,” said Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt, who is responsible for the development of Scania’s hybridization and electrified vehicles.

Scania said it will supply three-axle trucks with a gross weight of 27 tons with an electric engine and powertrain components it uses in its already-in-production hybrid trucks and busses. The company said it will supply three trucks for the research project, with an option for one further vehicle.

Asko has a fleet of about 600 trucks and wants to achieve a climate-neutral business with trucks that run on renewable fuels and in the longer term completely on electricity, according to Scania.

“In the near future, we will see fully battery-powered electric vehicles in service, primarily in sensitive urban areas as they are limited by their battery capacity and charging potential. Our own trials of battery-powered electric trucks and buses show that further development is required of batteries, which have the capacity to store the energy needed for longhaul goods and passenger transport before the internal combustion engine can be fully replaced,” said Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt.