Rocketail Offers Rear Fairing


Rocketail announced the launch of Rocketail Wing, its rear drag-reduction technology for trailers.

The product is an EPA SmartWay-verified rear fairing with a certified fuel-efficiency improvement of 3.58 U.S. gallons per 1,000 miles, according to the San Diego-based company.


Each time the trailer doors are closed, the system is deployed using unique swing-hinges that lock the wings in their maximum aerodynamic open position. Each time the doors are opened, the system shifts the wings flush with the sides of the trailer, allowing the doors to swing 270 degrees without being blocked.

At the same time, the one-piece airfoil was certified by MVT Solutions to provide a fuel-economy improvement of 3.36% and by PIT Group to improve fuel efficiency by 3.30% in testing.

“Rocketail solves the ‘Three D’s’ essential to performance for any aerodynamic tail system — drag, deployment and damage,” Rocketail CEO Michael Militello said in a release.

Rocketail Wing has successfully completed third-party testing in the United States and Canada to certify performance and is being installed by major fleets across North America, the company said in the release. — Transport Topics


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