January 25, 2021 12:00 PM, EST

Reducing Costs With 'Triple Play' Mixed Fleet Telematics

Why fleets are taking advantage of mixed fleet telematics bundles to realize the benefits of all assets on one platform

Seasoned fleet and operations managers know all too well the headaches in navigating multiple portals, platforms, reports and third-party integrations required to track all assets.

Picking up a product and getting it from manufacturer to retail shelf can be complicated. It involves several steps, multiple platforms and digital and paper documents. It is easy to see where things can go wrong. And that is before managing multiple types of assets, like reefers, trucks, chassis or dry trailers.

Imagine for a moment, the cost-savings, simplicity, and ease of managing all these moving parts and processes in one place. ORBCOMM delivers this streamlined functionality with the ORBCOMM platform­—and to make it even more worthwhile, the telematics pioneer is offering special savings for fleet operators.

Triple Play

Unlock Valuable Fleet Management Data

Whether you operate trucks, reefers, dry trailers, containers, chassis, or a mixed fleet with multiple asset types, the ORBCOMM platform is a game-changer. This one-to-many model unlocks valuable insights by making high-quality data from around the business available in real-time in one place to the people who need it. Deep analytics and reporting help to optimize asset use, comply with regulations, protect cargo and improve fleet safety, performance and productivity. By integrating all assets into a single platform, businesses can create new efficiencies and better meet supply chain goals. Built for the future, the platform supports the evolving need for increased data and more sophisticated solutions in a 5G IoT ecosystem.


Best-in-class Feature Set

The ORBCOMM platform supports every type of commercial asset class for telematics applications including:  

Operators can eliminate the stress for staff of switching between platforms by using a solution that delivers a unified view of driver performance, asset location, fuel use or workflow status. Hardware, in-cab devices, data connectivity plans and the ORBCOMM platform are all designed to work together, and there’s only one number to call if an issue arises.

And fleets will never lose track of an asset again. ORBCOMM’s solutions are uniquely backed by satellite to ensure a continuous flow of data, even if the cell network goes down.

Collecting all the data in one place is, of course, only useful if it can be actioned. The ORBCOMM platform delivers transformational business information by digging deeper into data to reveal hidden opportunities for your business. Advanced analytics and faster data retrieval deliver deep business insights to equip you with the knowledge to face any challenge in the competitive transportation landscape.

“We’re able to track trailers, the temperatures in the trailers all the time, the trucks, everything. Everything is faster—response time in the truck with drivers, the visibility for drivers—the reports are so much clearer. Overall, I’d say across the fleet it has boosted efficiency— it’s an easy system to work with. The drivers like it.”       -Randy Martin, Compliance Manager, Dutch Valley Foods


Take Advantage of Bundled Offers

In using the same infrastructure to carry all services, ORBCOMM offers special telematics bundles to maximize use, streamline operations and deliver savings for operators of all sizes. Fleets can choose from special bundles: single (one asset), double-play (two trailers or tractor/trailer combo) or triple-play (three or more asset types). If your fleet has more than one asset type to manage, take advantage of a telematics double or triple play at



ORBCOMM (Nasdaq: ORBC) is a leading provider of innovative fleet management solutions for two-way tracking and control of trucks, dry van and refrigerated trailers, containers, chassis, railcars and more. With a dominant market position in transport telematics, ORBCOMM is trusted by the world’s top companies for its broad range of transportation solutions. For more information, please visit


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