August 10, 2016 8:00 AM, EDT

NTDC 2016 List of Competitors by Company

The 79th annual National Truck Driving Championships and eighth annual National Step Van Driving Championships will be held Aug. 10-13 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Four hundred and thirty of the nation’s best drivers, all of whom remained accident-free for an entire year and won their state competitions, will compete in nine different classes.

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The event begins Aug. 10 with registration and the course walk-through, where drivers will get their first glance at the obstacles and begin to plan their driving approach. On Aug. 11, festivities resume with the Breakfast of Champions and the first day of challenges. Competition concludes Aug. 13 with the crowning of the 2016 Bendix National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion, as well as with awards for drivers in every vehicle class and for the top state delegation.

In the list below, drivers are grouped by the company for which they are competing. Click here to see a list of drivers sorted by the state for which they are competing.

Forgione John MA A. Duie Pyle Inc. 4-Axle
Knight Mark AL AAA Cooper Transportation 5-Axle
Ledbetter Danny TN AAA Cooper Transportation Straight Truck
Anderson Clarence NE ABF Freight System Inc. Tank Truck
Benavidez Gerald NM ABF Freight System Inc. Tank Truck
Camarda Richard CA ABF Freight System Inc. Twins
Carrillo Joseph NM ABF Freight System Inc. Sleeper Berth
Contreras Michael NM ABF Freight System Inc. Flatbed
Garcia Ralph NM ABF Freight System Inc. 4-Axle
Hatfield Loren AR ABF Freight System Inc. 5-Axle
Kelly Andrew WY ABF Freight System Inc. Twins
McCarty Nathan CO ABF Freight System Inc. Straight Truck
McElwaney Timothy GA ABF Freight System Inc. Tank Truck
McNeely Allen NC ABF Freight System Inc. Tank Truck
Pearson Charles GA ABF Freight System Inc. Flatbed
Scheuffele Eugene ID ABF Freight System Inc. 4-Axle
Spero Anthony CT ABF Freight System Inc. Flatbed
Wallner Brian OH ABF Freight System Inc. 4-Axle
Wood Ernest VT ABF Freight System Inc. 3-Axle
Miller Todd WY Airgas Intermountain Tank Truck
Oliveros Harold HI Aloha Petroleum Ltd. Tank Truck
Wheeler Todd AK American Fast Freight 5-Axle
Tracy Robert NV Apex Bulk Commodities Tank Truck
Freeney Thes TX Brookshire Grocery Co. Tank Truck
Matlock Francis TX Brookshire Grocery Co. 5-Axle
Scaruffi Louis LA C&S Wholesale Services 5-Axle
Krenz William AK Carlile Transportation Systems Inc. Sleeper Berth
Radcliffe Charles AK Carlile Transportation Systems Inc. Flatbed
Lloyd Eugene MD Carroll Independent Fuel Co. Tank Truck
Meimann Richard IA Casey's General Stores 5-Axle
Litalien Denis ME Clifford W. Perham Inc. 4-Axle
Boyd Richard NE Crete Carrier Corp. Twins
Braun Remy MO D & D Sexton Inc. Tank Truck
Filmer Dean IA Decker Truck Line Inc. Sleeper Berth
Graf Timothy NY Delhaize America Flatbed
Magnuson Robert ME Delhaize/Hannaford Trucking Co. 5-Axle
Brown John CT Domino's Pizza 3-Axle
Ings Chantee MD Domino's Pizza 4-Axle
McClure Mark CT Domino's Pizza Sleeper Berth
Cochran Jeffrey AR FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Adams S. Douglas KY FedEx Express 3-Axle
Afusia Kitiona AK FedEx Express 3-Axle
Bernier Ronald AK FedEx Express Step Van
Bolduc Roland MA FedEx Express Sleeper Berth
Campbell Mark KY FedEx Express Tank Truck
Colantuone William MA FedEx Express Straight Truck
Combs Greg NV FedEx Express Step Van
Cooke Glen CT FedEx Express Step Van
Damon Eric CA FedEx Express Step Van
Dawson Tracey MD FedEx Express Step Van
Days Edward SC FedEx Express Step Van
Fini Robert NV FedEx Express Straight Truck
Glasenapp Brent WI FedEx Express Straight Truck
Haskill Steven HI Fedex Express Step Van
Hepner Scott IL FedEx Express Tank Truck
Houghton James MO FedEx Express Straight Truck
Janke Robert MN FedEx Express 4-Axle
Kendall Larry OK FedEx Express 5-Axle
Kern Augustus NC FedEx Express Step Van
Killian Charles VT FedEx Express Straight Truck
Kohr James NY FedEx Express 5-Axle
Ledoux Robert MA FedEx Express Step Van
Lumpkin David RI FedEx Express Straight Truck
Macdonald Allan WY FedEx Express Step Van
Martin Andrew CT FedEx Express Straight Truck
Nerger Patrick NV FedEx Express 5-Axle
Norris Chason AL FedEx Express Step Van
Novak Christopher VT FedEx Express 5-Axle
Nygord Daniel ND FedEx Express Step Van
Olson Chadwick HI FedEx Express Straight Truck
Orr Steven MN FedEx Express Step Van
Pudney William MN FedEx Express Straight Truck
Putnam Charles NH FedEx Express Step Van
Rickel Doug AK FedEx Express Straight Truck
Shaw Christopher NM FedEx Express Straight Truck
Stroup Adam NE FedEx Express Step Van
Sullivan Norman NH FedEx Express Flatbed
Tierney Karen RI FedEx Express 3-Axle
Towne Keith RI FedEx Express Step Van
Vazquez Cruz CT FedEx Express 4-Axle
Ward Steven SC FedEx Express 4-Axle
Wickstrom Scott ME Fedex Express Step Van
Woods Frank VA FedEx Express Step Van
Badalamente Daniel MI FedEx Freight Flatbed
Bailey Richard MI FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Banasiak Timothy IL FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Barton Jeff TN FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Beal Arthur ID FedEx Freight Twins
Beben Leszek NJ FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Bothwell Rachel SD FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Brandon Paul CT FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Brown Joseph LA FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Bruch Daniel NM FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Brunkenhoefer Brett OH FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Budd Jason MO FedEx Freight Twins
Burdett Robert RI FedEx Freight Twins
Cardoza Jorge NJ FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Caron Jason VT FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Chavarriaga Carlos NJ FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Clouser John MI FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Copeland Reginald MN FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Courville Eric LA FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Crafts Randall OR FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Cumberland Gary MS FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Davis Curtis OR Fedex Freight 3-Axle
Elges Bryan OH FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Fair Robert NH FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Fernandez Heladio OR FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Fundell Ritch IL FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Garner Thomas AL FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Gonzalez Edries NJ FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Gorrell Derek WY FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Guerrero Edward CA FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Hart Matthew NV FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Hartleib Richard ND FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Helus Timothy KS FedEx Freight Twins
Hemming Christoffer WA FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Jarvis Jeremiah VT FedEx Freight Twins
Johnson Wilbur FL FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Johnson Richard KS FedEx Freight Step Van
Judson Mark LA FedEx Freight Twins
Kelly Mike UT FedEx Freight Twins
Kimbrell Darrell AL FedEx Freight Twins
Kort Toby NE FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Kraft Marty SD FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Lane James MS FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Lester Bradley OR Fedex Freight Flatbed
Logan Donald KS FedEx Freight Flatbed
Love Jay SD FedEx Freight Flatbed
McConkey Joe DE FedEx Freight 5-Axle
McNeill James MS FedEx Freight Twins
Merich Richard CO FedEx Freight Flatbed
Metternick Ronald MI FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Miller Tom MT FedEx Freight Twins
Mitchell Corey LA FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Mitchell Kyle LA FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Mogler David CO FedEx Freight Twins
Nygaard Robert ND FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Ochoa Albert AZ FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Orozco Andres AZ FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Outen Christopher OR FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Pack Cedric WA FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Pennington Edward FL FedEx Freight Flatbed
Poupeney Craig NV FedEx Freight Flatbed
Priddy James WV FedEx Freight Twins
Prior Christopher WY FedEx Freight Flatbed
Purvis Charles OK FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Rhein Larry AR FedEx Freight Twins
Saiz Dion NM FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Sams Robin AR FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Sandoval Raymond NM FedEx Freight Twins
Scholand Chris ND FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Schwasinger Randall ID FedEx Freight Step Van
Shelton Ray SC FedEx Freight Flatbed
Shelton Darrell WA FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Siemer David OR FedEx Freight Twins
Skoglund Victor WA FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Skotvold Jason SD FedEx Freight 3-Axle
Sohn Allen IA FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Sowder Jamie TN FedEx Freight Flatbed
Springer Glenn UT FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Spurlin Christopher NC FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Staples Charles AL FedEx Freight Flatbed
Stinson Jeff TN FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Theriot Xavier LA FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Thiewes Virgil SD FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Thompson Daniel AL FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Tibbetts Ralph CO FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Trevino Manuel TX FedEx Freight Twins
Tuell William DE FedEx Freight Twins
Watson David NY FedEx Freight Tank Truck
Wayman Richard MT FedEx Freight Straight Truck
White Joseph NJ FedEx Freight Twins
White John WA FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Whitehead Michael SD FedEx Freight Sleeper Berth
Williams Jerry GA FedEx Freight Twins
Willinger John KY FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Wilson James IL FedEx Freight Step Van
Wilson Larry NC FedEx Freight Flatbed
Woodland Charles AZ FedEx Freight Straight Truck
Woodrome Scott OH FedEx Freight Flatbed
Wright Troy CO FedEx Freight 4-Axle
Schwering Bruce IN FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Greene John CT FedEx Freight 5-Axle
Allison Matthew CO FedEx Ground Step Van
Benkert Jesse KY Fedex Ground Straight Truck
Brown Tyler AR FedEx Ground Step Van
Campbell Steven MO FedEx Ground Step Van
Chavolla Macario NM FedEx Ground Step Van
Christensen Lonnie UT FedEx Ground Straight Truck
Clark Steven UT FedEx Ground 3-Axle
Cobb Brian FL FedEx Ground Step Van
Courville-Finnan Cheramie LA FedEx Ground Step Van
Evans Jeff NY FedEx Ground Step Van
Harpole Curtis OK FedEx Ground Step Van
James Tracey MT FedEx Ground Step Van
Jenkins Christopher DE FedEx Ground Step Van
Leonard Harold NC FedEx Ground Straight Truck
Lesniowski Artur NJ FedEx Ground Flatbed
Marshall Shawn UT FedEx Ground Step Van
Masser Chester MD FedEx Ground Flatbed
McNutt Paul NH FedEx Ground Straight Truck
Ortiz Michael AZ FedEx Ground Step Van
Ortiz Elvin NJ FedEx Ground Step Van
Rodriguez Ignacio TX FedEx Ground Step Van
Schmutzer Ryan OR FedEx Ground Step Van
Sheehan James TN FedEx Ground Step Van
Smith Donald MS FedEx Ground Step Van
Smith John MS FedEx Ground Tank Truck
Smith Russell MT FedEx Ground 3-Axle
Stacy Alan ID FedEx Ground Straight Truck
Tuck Andrew OH FedEx Ground Straight Truck
Vance Robert WV FedEx Ground Step Van
Vincelli Salvatore PA FedEx Ground Step Van
Omerkov Gary FL Florida Rock and Tank Lines Inc. Tank Truck
Shaw Glen NC Food Lion/Delhaize America 5-Axle
Walsh Matthew CT Frito-Lay Inc. Twins
Murray Frederick OK FTC Transportation Inc. Sleeper Berth
Kouzoukas George IL Golden State Foods 5-Axle
Black Stephen NY Golub Corp./PriceChopper Supermarkets Twins
Pooler Thomas ME Hannaford Trucking Sleeper Berth
Camacho Eduardo TX H-E-B Grocery Co. 4-Axle
Martinez Juan TX H-E-B Grocery Co. Flatbed
Martinez David TX H-E-B Grocery Co. 3-Axle
Ortega Jose TX H-E-B Grocery Co. Straight Truck
Brewen Bruce MO Hogan Transportation Inc. 5-Axle
Cole Dennis KS Holland Straight Truck
Simpson Russell OH Holland Tank Truck
Anderson Todd IA Hy-Vee Food Stores Straight Truck
Grindle Alan ME Irving Oil Terminals Inc Tank Truck
Whiteford Daniel MN J & B Wholesale Dist. Inc. 5-Axle
Sprowel Brian AZ J & L Transportation Inc. 5-Axle
Donovan James MA J & S Transport Co. Inc. Tank Truck
Tyler Darren AR J B Hunt Transport Inc. Straight Truck
Genco Vincent MD J.W. Ritter Trucking 5-Axle
Pickett Robert IN Jasper Engines & Transmissions Tank Truck
Eschen Jeffrey SD K & J Trucking Inc. 5-Axle
Dority Arthur AZ Knight Transportation Inc. Sleeper Berth
Borman John MN Koch Trucking Sleeper Berth
Sorensen Jack AK Lynden Transport Inc. Tank Truck
Fischer Albert ND Magnum LTL Inc. Flatbed
Bowerman Colt GA Margin Transport Sleeper Berth
Austin Douglas GA Martin-Brower Straight Truck
Hauhn Edward TN Martin-Brower 5-Axle
Daley Kenneth OK Miller Truck Lines Flatbed
Richards Robert CO Navajo Express Inc. Sleeper Berth
Gagnon Richard RI New Penn 4-Axle
Adams Gary WY Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 3-Axle
Aguirre Jerry ID Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Sleeper Berth
Bayird Scott IN Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Straight Truck
Brewer Michael TN Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 4-Axle
Camp Chadron MT Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 5-Axle
Canning Thomas NE Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 4-Axle
Critchfield David IN Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Flatbed
Crowder Robert VA Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Straight Truck
Hill William ID Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Flatbed
Hughes Charles KS Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Tank Truck
Idlett Robby OK Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 3-Axle
Meyer James SD Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Twins
Pufahl Glenn ID Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Tank Truck
Putnam Mark SC Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Straight Truck
Spencer Randy WY Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Sleeper Berth
Trayer Thomas PA Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 4-Axle
Whitley Timothy NC Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 4-Axle
Williams Chad MI Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Twins
Winn Kevin ID Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 3-Axle
Backes Nickolas WV Pitt Ohio Tank Truck
Randolph Charles WV Pitt Ohio Straight Truck
Ulrich Karl NH Pleasant View Gardens Sleeper Berth
Horack Glen MO Prime Inc. Sleeper Berth
Johnson Terry MO Prime Inc. Flatbed
Smeltzer Brian PA R H Crawford Inc. Flatbed
Brager Brian WA Reddaway 5-Axle
Carraud Eddie CA Reddaway 4-Axle
Harris John MT Reddaway 4-Axle
Wilkes Aslaiyi OR Reddaway 4-Axle
Bagwell Dan CA Safeway Inc. 5-Axle
Carver James MD Safeway Inc. Straight Truck
Spangler Galen AZ Shamrock Foods Co. Flatbed
Mendez Antonio GA Shaw Industries Inc. 5-Axle
Coursey Eric AR Solar Transport Co. Tank Truck
Dougherty Chris IA Solar Transport Co. Tank Truck
Beard Howard MA Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. 5-Axle
Cugini James MA Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. Flatbed
Abdul-Aziz Razzaq DE Teal Construction Inc. Straight Truck
Jasper Daniel WA The Boeing Co. Step Van
Carmichael David VA The Martin-Brower Co. 5-Axle
Krol Bryan PA The Martin-Brower Co. 5-Axle
Schroeder William MN Transport America Tank Truck
Alvarez James IL UPS Freight Twins
Mikan Edward IL UPS Freight Flatbed
Stromlund Randall NV UPS Freight Twins
Thompson Edwin KY UPS Freight Step Van
Bennett William PA UPS Freight Tank Truck
Blackwell Homer VA UPS Freight Twins
Cook John SC UPS Freight 3-Axle
Dopp Josh TN UPS Freight 3-Axle
Dwerlkotte Jeffrey KS UPS Freight Sleeper Berth
Gibson Mark NJ UPS Freight Sleeper Berth
Gonzalez Salvador FL UPS Freight 4-Axle
Guess Richie OK UPS Freight Twins
Hartsell Joseph MO UPS Freight 4-Axle
Helbert James NC UPS Freight Twins
Hodges Tim WV UPS Freight 3-Axle
Hummel John SC UPS Freight Sleeper Berth
Jenkins Clarence WV UPS Freight Sleeper Berth
Luckadoo James SC UPS Freight Twins
Luebbers Kent MO UPS Freight 3-Axle
Newsome Steven SC UPS Freight 5-Axle
Ostriche Croydon PA UPS Freight Straight Truck
Osuna Omar CA UPS Freight 3-Axle
Pack William MD UPS Freight 3-Axle
Roberts Nicholas IN UPS Freight Step Van
Smith Vernon NV UPS Freight 4-Axle
Thompson Jay WV UPS Freight 4-Axle
Anderson Willard VA Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Aronhalt Scott UT Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Awbrey Matt GA Wal-Mart Transportation 4-Axle
Bogart Darren KS Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Bowman Charles MS Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Brannen Steven AL Wal-Mart Transportation 4-Axle
Brock Henry MS Wal-Mart Transportation Straight Truck
Butterfield David NH Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Buzzell Glendon ME Wal-Mart Transportation Straight Truck
Byrne Allen UT Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Carruthers Richard WY Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Connolly William NY Wal-Mart Transportation 4-Axle
Cusick Warren KY Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Davis Mark IA Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Dodd Darryl AL Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Donner Duane AZ Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Duncan Kenneth ME Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Elliston Steve MI Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Emenheiser Ronald PA Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Fernald Robert ME Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
Fry David OR Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Fugate Rollie CA Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Geck Barry UT Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Huston Charles IN Wal-Mart Transportation 4-Axle
Hutton Steven CA Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Imhoff Jason OH Wal-Mart Transportation Step Van
Kent Robert FL Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
Mars Gary AR Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
McClellan Wayne NH Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
McGuire Keith GA Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
McKenzie Jeffrey NE Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Mockus Jeffrey WI Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Oliver Dalton MS Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Prentice Matthew CO Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Quarles James SC Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Reimer LaVern OK Wal-Mart Transportation Straight Truck
Ruark John DE Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Stephenson Curtis DE Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Stockton Christopher NH Wal-Mart Transportation Tank Truck
Svoboda Robert TX Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Thielke William WI Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Warr Larry FL Wal-Mart Transportation 5-Axle
Wiley John KY Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Allison Stephen PA Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
Breen Larry FL Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Gootee Wayne MI Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Lovell Randy AR Wal-Mart Transportation Flatbed
Marker Ron IN Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Powers John DE Wal-Mart Transportation Sleeper Berth
Serviss Christopher DE Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
Stinemates Jim IA Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
Terrell Warren WY Wal-Mart Transportation 4-Axle
White Charles IN Wal-Mart Transportation 3-Axle
Bushman Duane MT Watkins & Shepard Trucking Sleeper Berth
Moore David MT Watkins & Shepard Trucking Flatbed
Derr Lawrence NE Werner Enterprises Inc. 3-Axle
Durham Terry NE Werner Enterprises Inc. Flatbed
Korkosz David NE Werner Enterprises Inc. Straight Truck
Mora Sebastian CA Williams Tank Lines Tank Truck
Bartelson Daniel ND XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Boyles Joe WV XPO Logistics Inc. 5-Axle
Buckner Harold PA XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Christie David NY XPO Logistics Inc. Sleeper Berth
Cottrell Anthony VA XPO Logistics Inc. Tank Truck
Cottrell Robbie VA XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Dean Robert WA XPO Logistics Inc. Flatbed
Eickhoff David MN XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Free John OH XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Galbraith Michael TN XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Gordon Robert AZ XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Grace Donald KY XPO Logistics Inc. 5-Axle
Grimmett Kenneth WV XPO Logistics Inc. Flatbed
Hardy Brandon NV XPO Logistics Inc. Sleeper Berth
Huffman Darren VA XPO Logistics Inc. 4-Axle
Iburg Steven IA XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Jerald Tyson NC XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Karim Mikail RI XPO Logistics Inc. 5-Axle
Kraemer Barry WI XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Kretzer Otho MD XPO Logistics Inc. Sleeper Berth
Langenhahn Jeffrey WI XPO Logistics Inc. Tank Truck
Lannerd Mark CO XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
May David NY XPO Logistics Inc. Straight Truck
McMellon Curtis LA XPO Logistics Inc. Flatbed
Minor William WI XPO Logistics Inc. Flatbed
Mowbray Robert DE XPO Logistics Inc. 4-Axle
Opgrand Thomas ND XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Painter Kenneth MT XPO Logistics Inc. Tank Truck
Petrovia Louis MD XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Poynor Chris WA XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Rynearson Andrew WI XPO Logistics Inc. 4-Axle
Schilmiller Lawrence KY XPO Logistics Inc. Twins
Simonson Jon ND XPO Logistics Inc. Tank Truck
Sweeney Richard MA XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Umphrey Michael AL XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Vano Wilbert NJ XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Vukas Peter NY XPO Logistics Inc. 3-Axle
Warren Stacy VA XPO Logistics Inc. Flatbed
Wold Bryan ND XPO Logistics Inc. Sleeper Berth
Amor Bruce IN YRC Freight Twins
Archer Scott IL YRC Freight Straight Truck
Buck Michael OK YRC Freight 4-Axle
Buckau Matthew WI YRC Freight 3-Axle
Crouse William MA YRC Freight Twins
Diehl Kaleb KS YRC Freight 4-Axle
Jamison Christopher MS YRC Freight Flatbed
Krouse William MN YRC Freight Flatbed
Mahler Henry FL YRC Freight Twins
Marchand Tim IL YRC Freight 3-Axle
Mefford Jeffrey OH YRC Freight 5-Axle
Menter Larry ME YRC Freight Twins
Murphy David ID YRC Freight 5-Axle
Nogues Neil NH YRC Freight Twins
Smith Timothy UT YRC Freight 5-Axle
Tobolic Stephen MI YRC Freight 5-Axle
Wisley Jimmie KS YRC Freight 3-Axle

Some company names abbreviated for space.