New Website Offers Data On Trucking Firms, Shippers, Brokers

Douglas Hayden Courtesy of Data Driven Shipping
Data Driven Shipping, based in San Diego, has launched a website that allows users to download trucking industry data to the program of their choice on their computer or mobile device. 

The website has contact information for more than 1.5 million trucking companies, 40,000 brokers and 46,000 shippers. The site allows users to download and use the data without mapping the file, which means they can immediately import the information into almost any program, including Salesforce, Google, Outlook and Apple contacts, and begin using it right away, company founder Douglas Hayden said.

“It has made being able to use data as easy as sending an e-mail,” Hayden told TRANSPORT TOPICS, “Anyone can download the data and use it immediately because of how the mapping is done on the back end. You don’t need IT anymore.”

Hayden started the company after he was frustrated by how expensive it was to purchase industry data from database companies. “After I purchased the data, I was forced to map the contact fields, and I wasn’t sure how to do this or if I was doing it correctly,” he said in a press release.

A subscription priced at $20 a month provides unlimited use of the website, which Hayden said is possible because he has tapped into publicly available information. He said he sees the site as a “supplementary database” that can be used in conjunction with other industry databases.

Hayden spent six months developing the site. The technology behind the service was developed by a first-year computer science student at the University of California-San Diego, and a former UCSD student with connections at the university’s Super Computer Center.


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