New TIA President Anne Reinke Details Leadership Approach

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Transportation Intermediaries Association

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New Transportation Intermediaries Association chief Anne Reinke plans to lead by supporting and enhancing what already is working.

Reinke started as president and CEO on Oct. 26. She will be responsible for the day-to-day leadership, including working with key stakeholders to advance TIA’s mission of advocating for the third-party logistics sector.

“I am very proud to know I will be identified with this team and with this staff,” Reinke told Transport Topics on Oct. 28. “I think they are doing some tremendous things. I think one of the things they saw in me is that I have transportation experience and government experience, and some of the members would like to have some enhanced representation in Washington.”



Reinke noted she will support the association’s ongoing efforts and help chart a path to achieve new goals.

“You need to listen, work and collaborate with your team. When we have such an excellent team, that’s what I want to do,” she said. “I will be listening, learning and appreciating what their experience with the association is and what they would like to see more of or less of. Same with our members and board, etc. How can I be helpful? What do you want to see the association do that I can help with?”

The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on the transportation space, with 3PLs being no exception. Reinke noted that TIA responded during the pandemic, such as pivoting to a virtual platform for education, advocacy and conferences.

“This is Day 3 on the job,” she said. “I don’t have a grand plan yet. I think that would be a miscarriage of my responsibilities to come in with a plan to change everything, because I do think TIA is doing some incredible stuff and I think that they have pivoted during a very difficult time.”

Reinke worked for nearly two years at the U.S. Department of Transportation. She started as deputy assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs before transitioning to deputy assistant secretary for congressional affairs. She also spent 16 years with the rail transportation and real estate holding company CSX Corp.

“I think they also see in me someone who has been managing people, and I want to do a good job managing people on this team,” Reinke said. “There are some excellent folks here, and I like working on relationships, I like building relationships with our members, and that will be a critical priority for me, too.”

Reinke also wants to leverage her experience working in the government sector. Chris Burroughs, vice president of government affairs at TIA, has been leading those efforts. Reinke is looking forward to working with him.



“He and his team do an incredible job building relationships and getting our members’ message not just to the hill but also the executive branch,” she said. “If there are relationships I can provide that he doesn’t yet have or we can enhance together, or other activities we haven’t thought about, that’s where I want to be. I want to help him and help our membership if there are ways to do that.”

Former President Robert Voltmann stepped down in September, and Douglas Clark, a 40-year industry veteran and TIA honorary life member, took over on an interim basis.

TIA, founded in 1978, represents transportation intermediaries of all disciplines in domestic and international commerce.

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