January 3, 2022 12:00 PM, EST

New Innovation Compares Carrier Offerings

Fleet Intel is designed for carriers to update, analyze, and compare driver pay and benefits

Competition is rising for carriers trying to recruit and hire drivers. Industry experts agree that driver pay and benefits have never been more crucial to success in recruiting new drivers. Fleet Intel is an innovative solution that eases the pain of figuring out where your carriers’ pay and benefits rank in the industry.

Comparing industry wide data will be crucial in navigating the most competitive driver market the industry has seen. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for recruiters, operations, and sales teams to analyze and review current trends in the market. In a recent study conducted by Conversion Interactive Agency and PDA, 54.5% of drivers said compensation made the highest impact on their driving career.

“In today’s competitive market, it has never been more important to stay ahead of the trends when it comes to driver pay and benefits,” said Rob Hatchett, president of Fleet Intel. “Fleet Intel allows carriers to see how they compare against other carriers in order to make data driven decisions as they review their pay and benefits.”

The tool allows carriers to review the latest information from the industry on the pay and benefits carriers are offering to drivers. Fleets can build custom reports and analyze the information to help make decisions for their carrier. Searches come to life with visual aids such as charts and heat maps built and customized by user. Features of this new technology include the ability to:

  • Build custom reports to analyze the data and information you need
  • Search and compare by state, driver type, or trailer type
  • Visualize your data with charts, histograms, and heat maps
  • Filter ranking to see how your company stacks up against other carriers
  • Keep your company's pay and benefits information in one easy-to-access system

Becoming a part of the Fleet Intel community gives users access to the most exclusive carrier comparison tool in the industry. The system organizes each carrier’s pay and benefits information in one place, keeping it up-to-date and easy to compare with others in the industry. The unique ranking system lets users know where their company stands in the industry.

“This remarkable technology will bring clarification and peace of mind to your recruiting efforts,” said Hatchett. “Being able to visualize where your carrier stands will be a major benefit for anyone trying to fill their trucks in this market.”

It’s not too late for your carrier to stay ahead of the driver pay trends, and now it’s easier than ever with Fleet Intel.

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