Minnesota to Raise Biodiesel Requirement to 10% Next Year

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Minnesota will become the first state to require that most diesel fuel sold in the warm-weather months be a blend containing 10% biodiesel, the Associated Press reported.

Minnesota and some other states currently require a year-round 5% blend known as B5 for most diesel sales. The B10 mandate will take effect July 1 and run through Oct. 31, and starting in 2015, the 10% requirement will be in effect from May 1 to Oct. 31, AP reported.

Minnesota began requiring 2% biodiesel in 2005. It was bumped to a 5% requirement in 2009, despite concerns by the trucking industry that the fuel could jell in cold weather and clog fuel systems.

The state’s trucking industry is not happy with the mandate, primarily because of cost concerns, AP reported. While biodiesel is cheaper than petroleum-based diesel, Minnesota Trucking Association President John Hausladen, said there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

Minnesota, one of the top soybean-growing states, will be the first with a mandate higher than 5%, Caleb Little, a spokesman for the National Biodiesel Board, told AP.


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