Letter: Great Discussion On Hiring Drivers

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Great Discussion On Hiring Drivers

Concerning the LiveOnWeb panel conversation that focused on the truck-driver shortage (1/13), I have to say it was a great discussion.

I have family members who are truck drivers, and they are very good at it. They love what they do, as exemplified by my uncle, who drove a truck until the doctors made him stop at 70 years of age.

My suggestion for recruiting drivers would be to start an internship program that includes recruiters who go into high schools to get young people focused sooner on a trucking career. Many students decide at an early age that they do not want to be pinned down to a 9-to-5 job.

All kinds of careers are offered in local high schools, and truck driving would engage some of the students — those who have an independent urge to embark on an adventurous career.

As a human resources specialist, we used to go into schools on “Career Day” and also sponsor a session with the students who do not wish to go to college and who seemed a bit freer in spirit.

Think about it: If you talk to your potential employees sooner, you can set their expectations to fully understand the profession of truck driving.

Many military veterans also have great stamina and endurance and don’t mind being independent and traveling. Trucking companies should focus on hiring them, as well.

This would build trust and help retain good drivers, such as Alphonso Lewis, the panelist whom I could really relate to. A military veteran and professional driver with YRC Freight, he was an America’s Road Team captain in 2011-2012 and the 2007 Grand Champion of the National Truck Driving Championships.

We need more drivers like him who work hard at bettering the relationships between companies and their prospective employees — which, of course, includes prospective truck drivers.

Krysti Currie

Accounts Receivable

Collections Analyst

XPO Logistics


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